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Dr. Kerstin Kowarik

Dr. Kerstin Kowarik

Universität Wien
Institut für Urgeschichte und Historische Archäologie
Franz-Klein-Gasse 1
A-1190 Wien

Email: kerstin.kowarik@univie.ac.at

Kerstin Kowarik is responsible for coordinating the landscape archaeological research in the "Beyond Lake Villages" project (FWF I-1693). Previously she has worked on several projects involving the prehistoric salt mines of Hallstatt. Through her work as head of the Hall-Impact project (Austrian Academy of Sciences, 2010-2013) she has acquired expertise in the study of prehistoric land use systems and human-environment interrelations. Her doctoral thesis focused on the provisioning structures of the Hallstatt salt mines and the land use system in the surrounding macroregion

Curriculum Vitae


Research Focus

Human-environment interrelations

Human land use dynamics

Resource managment and prehistoric mining

Computer based modeling in Archaeology





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